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Research real estate market trends and find homes for sale South Park San Diego 92102.  South Park is a historic San Diego neighborhood east of Balboa Park, northeast of Downtown San Diego between North Park and Golden Hill. The South Park community has three annual events Walkabout, Luminaria, and Old House Fair.  

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South Park San Diego: The Best Place To Live

Did you know that South Park, San Diego is one of the best places to live in the nation? Find out the reasons why in our extensive guide now.

Did you know that the population in South Park is just under 10,000 people? And when compared to other suburbs in Los Angeles, South Park's population density is 28% lower.

This means, less traffic, better job opportunities, and less crime! So if you want to learn more about South Park San Diego, then keep reading our comprehensive guide to why South Park San Diego CA, is the best place to live.

All About South Park

First and foremost, living in California is a plus already. The state has an array of beautiful national parks, clear beaches, and some amazing views.

But not everyone wants to live in tourist-filled cities like San Fransisco and Los Angeles! This is why South Park is the perfect middle ground. The town is close to some amazing attractions but secluded enough to not be overrun by tourists.

South Park History

South Park is one of the first official suburbs in Downtown San Diego. However, this now booming area was once a dirt town with not many opportunities.

Thankfully, around 1905, some extensive urban development began to arise with the help of a developing company, Bartlett Webster. This company commenced an expansion of streetcar services. 

And by 1910, South Park became one of the many San Diego neighborhoods, that were connected to the Class 1 streetcars. South Park was also a part of the San Diego public transportation system, which was funded by the Panama-California Exposition of 1915. 

And until 1939, these streetcars were a staple in the community! Downtown South Park or 30th & Fern, also expanded into a full-fledged economy.

For example, the commencement of the first Fire Station in the area created a lot of jobs in the community. Not to mention, the Burlingame Garage and the Rose Grocery Store were also huge parts of the development.

Now, 30th & Fern is a historical site dedicated to preserving these original buildings that helped South Park become what it is now. South Park is now seen as one of the best areas for preserving history. 

Lastly, South Park San Diego zip code is 92102 and 92104. In earlier years, the San Diego Police Department listed South Park as the Central Division neighborhood. South Park itself, sit around Balboa Park and other major streets.

South Park Community & Schools

South Park heavily emphasizes the importance of community, which is why they have annual activities and fundraisers. You can also get involved in the community by becoming a part of the community council. So if you're passionate and have a big voice, then South Park could be your next role.

As far as schools go, South Park has a list of top public and private schools. For starters, McGill School of Success is one the top charter schools in the area but the best part is that it's public!

St. Augustine High School is also another great school. And it is a college preparatory secondary school with Catholic values. Lastly, it's fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools. 

South Park San Diego CA also has an array of great daycare centers. For example, Head Start Center is dedicated to providing excellent care that stimualtes brain development in young children.

South Park Parks & Recreation

South Park has many surrounding parks and recreational areas. For starters, Azalea Community Park sits only 9 minutes away from South Park San Diego. This park is home to some amazing plants and wildlife. The area also has designated trail spots for your convince and safety!

Another great spot is South Shore Park which is about 14 minutes away from South Park. This park sits right the coastal line so you can get some amazing views of the ocean. 

This park goes on for miles so there's you could make it a day trip if you wanted to. Lastly, Balboa Park is probably one of the most famous recreation areas in South Park San Diego. 

As mentioned earlier, South Park is border by the park. Therefore, many residents of South Park go to Boulder Park every day for a nice walk. The area covers over 1,000 acres of land so you can do just about anything!

South Park Arts, Music, and Entertainment

The art and music scene in South Park San Diego is taking over! For starters, Petco Park is a famous venue that's located only 11 munites away from South Park.

The arena has had some amazing performers like Green Day and Fall Out Boy perform. And during baseball season you can also catch a game at the stadium. 

Another area for live music is on Beech street and Fern street, which is the heart of South Park. This area has a lot of bars and on the weekends, local artists go play their music. Most of the residents are so close to this area, that they can walk to the venues!

South Park Dining and Bars 

South Park bars in San Diego are very lively and are not too hard to find. For starters, we have Kindred which is on 30th street.

This vegan restaurant offers an array of elevated American classics with a twist. They also have some over-the-top drinks like the Twist of Fate and the Sonic Death Monkey.

But if you want some protein the South Park Brewing Company offers some amazing fast eats with a long list of local beers that you've probably never heard of before. So if you're in the mood for some tacos and good beer, then check out this amazing spot!

South Park Transportation

South Park is the 31st most walkable neighborhood in San Diego. Nevertheless, there is public transportation all around the area. In fact, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System is about 10 minutes away from South Park. 

However, the area is safe enough and doesn't have heavy traffic. Therefore, many South Park San Diego residents prefer to cycle! It's an easy way to work out and you get to see the amazing area. But of course, you can also drive your vehicle or catch a ride in a taxi. 

South Park Traffic

Because most of the residents in South Park San Diego CA, either bike, walk or occasionally drive, there isn't much traffic! Your average wait time to get out of South Park can take as little as 5 minutes. 

And driving to major areas like downtown San Diego can take about 10 minutes. Overall, the traffic clears itself very fast in South Park San Diego. So you'll rarely experience waiting times even during rush hour!

South Park Weather

The South Park San Diego news is always reporting good weather. For that reason, many people move to South Park San Diego just because of the year-round climate.

The summers don't get too hot. In fact, the summer in South Park San Diego is very arid and doesn't last very long. The hottest it gets in this area is 90 degrees.

Therefore, you can still enjoy your summers without the dangers of the sun affecting your health. The winters in South Park San Diego last a little longer. However, they don't ever get too cold. And since South Park is close to the coast, the coldest it gets is around 40 to 50 degrees! 

Working In South Park

South Park San Diego has a booming economy and a great job market. There are a lot of major corporations near the area. Therefore, many young and experienced executives love moving to South Park for this reason alone!

For starters, the Career College of San Diego has numerous amounts of job openings. So if you work in academics, then you should consider working for this great institution.

There are also numerous elementary, middle, and high schools in the area where you could get a start in early childhood education! There are also plenty of other big-name corporations. Here is a list of some companies, which are all located within 30 minutes of South Park San Diego: 

  • Sanyo
  • Oracle
  • Zovio
  • Qualcomm
  • Pulse Electronics
  • General Dynamics
  • Teradata
  • Intuit
  • Cubic Corporation
  • Sony

All of these companies, offer full-time careers with numerous benefits. And now that COVID-19 is settling down and office life is slowly returning, they are eager to hire new employees! 

Cost of Living In South Park

South Park San Diego is a luxury area. For that reason, the cost of living is a little higher than in other areas. For example, when compared to other areas in San Diego County, South Park is 7% more expensive to live in.

When looking at the national average, South Park is 51% more expensive to live in. And when looking at the housing market, South Park is 132% more expensive. 

Remember to take into account that South Park San Diego CA has some of the most amazing homes. Not to mention, the area itself is beautiful. Therefore many residents don't mind paying a little more than the average person. 

Also, the job opportunities in South Park are great. So the cost of living and wage averages are about the same! 

South Park Shopping

The shopping scene in South Park San Diego is unbeatable. There are countless luxury shops around the area. For starters, Thread + Seed is a local small business that has an array of all the current fashion trends.

You can also find some amazing jewelry and other great accessories. This boutique is on Fern Street so it's within walking distance from South Park San Diego!

Another great shopping spot is Gold Leaf. They have a beautiful shop filled with home decor, small gifts, and trinkets. This local shop embodies South Park because of its charisma!

Another great shop to check out is The Handmade Revolution. This shop offers custom-made jewelry, made by the store owner herself! 

If you're a bookworm, you'll love our next shop. It's called The Book Catapult. This shop offers vintage and brand-new books. They also have a small collection of women's apparel, as well as come cute baby clothes. 

Last but not least, we have Vinyl Junkies. This mom-and-pop shop carries a long list of vintage vinyl. The store also carries some great vintage posters and trinkets. So if you're trying to build your vinyl collection, check out Vinyl Junkies.

South Park Sports

There are many opportunities to watch professional sports near South Park San Diego. For starters, the San Diego Padres is a very well-known baseball club. They play in different areas throughout the season. But most recently, they played at the Petco Park against the Giants! 

If you're a fan of college basketball, check out the San Diego Toreros. They played in the NCAA men's division back in 2008.

Since then, the ambitious team has been working tirelessly to win a state championship. And as seen by their great plays, they're definitely on their way to victory.

If you're a fan of college football, the University of San Diego also has a famous football team. In 2021 the coach, Dale Lindsey guided the team to 39 continuous Pioneer Football League wins! This was a national record that was reported by many media outlets.

And if you're a fan of hockey, the San Diego Gulls are also a great team to watch. Before COVID-19, the Gulls were the best team in the WCHL's. In fact, they won five of the regular-season championships!

South Park Social and Membership Clubs

South Park San Deigo has many private social clubs nearby. For starters, the South Western Yacht club is a great place to meet like-minded people like yourself. This club offers private yacht storage and they host private yacht events regularly.

Another great club is the Mission Bay Marlin Club. This private club is great for families who love water activities like fishing and boating. They also have regular catch and release fishing tournaments. So if you want to put your skills to the test, then this social club will be a great place to start.

Lastly, the Bon Temps Social Club of San Diego is a place to learn about new cultures. This club has Louisiana-style live music and they also offer dance lessons to beginners!

This event is held on the second Saturday night of every month. The event is hosted at the War Memorial Building. Everyone at this club comes not knowing much about Louisiana-style dancing and music. However, everyone leaves well educated on the culture and happy.

South Park San Diego Real Estate

There is a very competitive housing market in South Park San Diego, which is why you need the best realtors by your side! So before you begin looking at South Park San Diego homes, ensure you have excellent representation.

Once you've found the best realtors, they will be able to show you some unique home styles. For example, this area has a lot of contemporary, victorian, and modern-style homes.

But what are the best neighborhoods to invest in? For starters, Beech Street has a great list of homes, and it's near the Albert Einstein Charter Academy. So if you're a young, family this neighborhood could be a great starting place.

Next, the great neighborhood on Ivy and Dale street offers contemporary homes with a hint of beach-style features. Next, the neighborhood located on Date Street has a mix of victorian, Spanish, and even cabin-style homes.

This neighborhood is very popular for having such a different mix of styles. So if you like having a unique home, that's different from your neighbors, then this neighborhood is perfect for you!

Lastly, we have the ever-famous Fern street. This neighborhood sits at the heart of South Park San Diego. They also have a mix of homes that vary ins style. However, the style that is seen most often is the quintessential San Diego style-homes.

For example, this neighborhood has palm trees and the homes are made of wood with Spanish-style features! So if you like traditional homes, this neighborhood will showcase these styles.

Notable South Park Residents 

South Park San Diego has had many notable residents. For starters, the amazing snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White was born just a few miles from South Park San Diego.

He stayed in the area for quite some time before beginning his journey of being an olympian and traveling the world!

Next, we have Cameron Diaz who was also born near South Park San Diego. The amazing actress still visits her hometime to this day. In fact, many South Park San Deigo residents have spotted her throughout the years.

If you're a fan of contemporary rock, you'll be pleased to know what Blink-182 originated in San Diego just a few miles away from South Park! The band still holds to its roots and they frequently play at famous venues near the South Park area. 

South Park Fun Facts

When it comes to fun facts South Park San Diego CA does not fall short! For starters, the area of South Park is often associated with the funny cartoon show "South Park".

If you're not familiar, the show focuses on the lives of 4 young boys who seem to always get themselves in trouble. Interestingly enough, there's a town in Colorado called South Park.

And unfortunately, many people have made the mistake of not knowing the difference between the two.  

Another fun fact about the area is that it's very well known for its new-age beers. The area houses a lot of breweries that hold an array of crafted beers. 

This next fact may seem a little scary but we thought we would include it anyway. But back in 2009, the Travel Channel named The Whaley House Museum the most haunted house in the country!

The Whaley House is located about 13 minutes away from South Park San Diego. So if you ever want to get a good spook, check out their establishment!

Last but not least, South Park San Diego is about 25 minutes away from the only place where the Torrey pine tree grows. So if you've been wanting to check this off your bucket list, visit the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

Move to South Park San Diego Today

South Park San Diego is a thriving community filled with wonderful people. So don't wait any longer to call this beautiful place your new home.

We hope our article was helpful to you and answered all of your questions. However, if you have more questions about South Park San Diego, contact us today, to speak with one of our experienced realtors!

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