Your Home, Everywhere

At Compass we have all of the components that most advertising agencies have: shoot producers, ad associates, project managers, designers, and social media strategists.  We'll target the right audience using the most effective channels to tell the right story. Our dedicated social media and PR teams further broadcast your listing to potential buyers in creative, timely ways.  

Selling your home for the highest possible amount in the least amount of time is our primary objective while using our expansive digital marketing audience and experience to generate interest, offers, and sales for our seller clients.

Working with our team benefits for sellers:

  1. Better access to the right agent partners. Since 80% of transactions are co-brokered, it is crucial for us to leverage our networks to find other agents representing potential buyers. To maximize these efforts, our Compass Network Tool allows us to sort by a list of agents who have done similar deals in the same area, as they have the highest likelihood of bringing the type of buyer that would be most interested in your property.
  2. More efficient collaboration between agents. In our Compass CRM dashboard, we can see which colleagues have clients who have viewed our seller’s listing on We can begin outreach out to those colleagues and schedule private tours, collaboration, etc.
  3. Increased visibility to potential buyers not using an agent. Even when a potential buyer isn’t using an agent, Compass technology helps me find the right buyer. If there are similar homes on the market in the area, and potential buyers view them, we can use their IP addresses to create targeted ads via Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  4. Recorded leads provide opportunity. We can use the leads captured in the Open House app from open houses at similar listings. Knowing that buyers may be interested in the new listing, we can email them directly and encourage them to view at an open house.
  5. Better marketing materials in less time. With Marketing Center, we are able to create beautiful marketing materials to elevate your property's presentation.  Ask to see our Gateway Design! 
  6. Haute Residence Partner.  With a global luxe digital platform for Real Estate and Interior Design connoisseurs, Haute Residence and its respective social channels highlight state-of-the-art projects and listings.  Through their channels, they connect their exclusive members to both Haute Residence and Haute Living’s affluent readership. 

    Haute Residence Instagram – Followers: 120,000+ Weekly Visits: 70,000+  

    Haute Residence Facebook -- Followers: 25,000+ Likes: 22,000+ 

    Haute Residence Bi-weekly Newsletter – Subscribers: 55,000 +