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Bonita California The Best Place To Live

How much do you know about Bonita California? Do you plan to visit the city? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Are you looking for the beach? Maybe an estate or even a ranch? Are you looking for a quiet, friendly, diverse small community with plenty to do and see? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the place for you is Bonita California, a little town nestled between downtown San Diego and Chula Vista

For a tiny town with only 12,706 occupants, Bonita attracts visitors from all over California and they leave giving it positive reviews, vowing to return if they are ever back in the area. The residents adore living in Bonita and often stay there comfortably for their whole lives. So, if you're looking to reside in, or just visit, this article will be your Bonita California guide so while you're there you'll be able to know how and where to spend your time.

All About Bonita California 

Bonita California has a unique history and has a number of well-known occupants who attended the schools, parks, and participated in the several activities it has to offer. There are lowkey dining spots and all the usual ones you'll recognize, it's a city where you can walk or bike, but the transit system is reliable. All in all, in Bonita you'll have a simple, easy going way of life. 

Bonita California History 

Beautiful: The one word to describe Bonita and that's why it literally means Beautiful in Spanish. In 1884, Henry Ernest Cooper Sr., a prominent lawyer of the time, owned a large ranch in what is now Bonita. He decided to name the ranch 'Bonita' then the local post office decided it was appropriate for the whole town, and adopted the name.

Located in the Sweetwater River Valley, Bonita was carved out of the 'Rancho de la Nación' and was recognized as a city in 1887. In its early days, Bonita was known for its citrus farms and horse ranches. 

Bonita California Community & Schools

There are a variety of schools in Bonita which are part of a community of supportive teachers and parents who coordinate events for students to participate in. 

There is a selection of public elementary schools like Sunnyside Elementary School, Valley Vista Elementary School, and Allen Elementary School. These schools are in different areas of Bonita so you can be assured there is a school close to you.

The main post-elementary schools in Bonita are Sweetwater High School, Bonita Vista Middle School, and Bonita Vista High School. These schools are also located in convenient locations.

Furthermore, there are various Montessori Schools and The Charter School of San Diego for private options. 

Southwestern College isn't directly in Bonita but is very close and many graduates who choose to stay close to home go there.

The School System is excellent, there is a 10% higher graduation rate than the State, and generally, the student to teacher ratio is 20:1.

Bonita California Parks & Recreation 

You'll need a few Bonita California tips on what you can do there, especially at a low cost. In Bonita you can go to one of several parks the most popular one being Rohr Park, it's a beautiful area where you can hardly hear the sound of traffic. It is also pet friendly, they've installed a new dog park. 

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park is another large space that offers hiking and camping. 

If you are into counting your steps, The Sweetwater Trail is a great area to accomplish your daily goals, while also seeing wildlife creatures. 

Besides outdoor activities, there is Bonita Art School and the Bonita Sunnyside Library that offers many unique programs for all ages. 

Bonita California Arts, Music, and Entertainment 

Arts, Music, and Entertainment can be celebrated all at once during Bonitafest, an annual autumn festival that shows off the spirit, history, families, and heritage of the town. It's highlighted by a grand parade that a lot of locals are involved in developing. 

Throughout the rest of the year, there can be many events taking place at the parks, or library, or the Bonita Museum & Cultural Center. 

Bonita California Dining 

Food is the most important aspect of everyday life. Due to their cultural variety, the restaurants are Bonita California places to visit. 

Whether you're looking for Mexican, Korean, Italian, or typically American options there is a spot for you

There are a few cafés so you can enjoy a coffee and read the paper in a warm, friendly environment. 

While in Bonita check out:

TJ Oyster Bar offers Mexican and seafood options.

Restaurant Romesco for a classy feel.

Han's & Harry's Bakery for fresh bread and pastries daily.

Italianissimo Trattoria for Italian specialties. 

Lolita's Taco Shop.

Franco's Flapjack Family Restaurant for great breakfast options. 

Korean Kitchen Tofu & Galbi for authentic Korean dishes.

Baskin Robbins for delicious desserts. 

Bonita California Transportation 

Bonita has a reliable public transportation system that is part of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. There are busses and trolleys that frequently run and take residents to the main locations like Bonita Center, Bonita Middle and High School, and the parks.

The cost is very reasonable for public transportation in Bonita and there are one way fares, day passes, or monthly passes to choose from.

Bonita also offers shuttle services for large groups. For example, if you're going on a camping trip with family and friends to Sweetwater Summit Regional Park there is a shuttle service that can carry everyone and their luggage.  

Bonita California Traffic

Naturally, depending on the time of day and the neighborhood there can be more or less traffic, but Bonita California is a small town therefore traffic is not usually heavy. If you have a GPS you'll notice that all roads are usually green.

The major San Deigo freeways are accessible from Bonita leading to San Diego, Chula Vista, the beach, even Mexico, and all those destinations less than 30 minutes away.

Bonita California Weather

In Bonita, the summers are considered short and the 'winters' are considered long. Don't be thrown off by 'long winter', the weather is just less hot.

The warm months are from June to September, where temperatures range from 66F to 80F. The cooler months are from November to April with temperatures that range from 48F to 66F. 

In General, the climate in Bonita is very consistent and comfortable, during the warm seasons it hardly becomes humid, the skies are clear and there aren't many rainy days. Even during the cooler seasons, the weather tends to be nice enough to go outside and enjoy.

Bonita is warm at night time and due to it being a small city, with many parks and few tall buildings, you'll be able to go outside and watch the stars.

Working In Bonita California 

The employment rate in Bonita California is steady, a little more than half the population is employed and out of 12,706 people, it's relatively simple to count. 

It's important to keep in mind that a lot of the population is young people or retired, and many residents have been at their jobs for a while. Most people who are looking for part-time, full-time, or careers can find one by trying.

The most popular jobs in Bonita are Office & Administrative Support, Management Occupations, and Educational Instruction & Library Occupations. 

The highest paying jobs are Computer & Mathematical Occupations, Legal Occupations, and Law Enforcement.  

Cost of Living In Bonita California 

Compared to the rest of California, the cost of living in Bonita is higher. Small towns usually have higher costs because they have to make up for importing, there aren't hundreds of thousands of residents to buy a lot of supplies or go shopping every day. 

In Bonita health services, utility services, and transportation services are generally less expensive than the average in California but the cost of living average is higher because of housing and grocery. 

To counter that, the average family income in Bonita is higher than the average of California so residents are paid well. 

Bonita California Outdoor Recreation 

While the cost of living is higher there are many free or cheap activities to do outside in Bonita. 

As previously mentioned, there are several parks around Bonita so leisure, exercise, social gatherings are available for all neighborhoods. 

Rohr Park, the largest park is located in the center of Bonita so it's easy to get to from anywhere via car, bike, walking, or public transit. The golf course is also located in the same zone

You can go hiking, camping, even have a wedding at Sunnyside Summit Regional Park. This 500-acre land is open throughout the year to visit for the day or multiple.

You can visit Sunnyside Ranch to experience equestrian activities like riding, feeding, or learning.

The beach in Bonita is easily accessible and is always clean and hygienic.

While not actually in Bonita, the Bonita Cove is another interesting place to visit that's in the region. Bonita Cove is a huge water park near the coast of San Diego, it could be a nice mini road trip that's worth the visit.  

Bonita California Shopping 

The Westfield Plaza Bonita is the top spot for residents and visitors of all ages to shop, watch a movie, or just hang out. There are 114 stores and services including a food court with great options. 

Besides Westfield, there is a smaller shopping center: Bonita Centre East Plaza, it doesn't have the selection of stores you'd find at Westfield but it's a good place for quick shopping and it's near Rohr Park. Each option has its benefits.  

Bonita California Sports 

The main sporting activities in Bonita are golf and equestrian and those are great hobbies to learn in order to feel like you are part of the community. 

All the schools offer team sports and there are great facilities around Bonita for practice and games. 

There are baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and basketball courts located in all the neighborhoods and Bonita is one of the safest places so you or your children can be out after dark and not worry.

There are many stores to support you with athletics, biking, running, and basic fitness needs.  

Bonita California Social and Membership Clubs

The Bonita Golf Course and Chula Vista Golf Course are open to the public and are great places to network, make friends, have meals, or host your events. 

Mt. Miguel Equestrian Center and Sweeter Farms offer great services for those who want to learn how to ride horses or be a part of the equestrian community. 

Crunch Fitness is available for those looking to consistently work out.

The Bonita Pilates and Yoga Studio is useful to become more flexible and lower stress. 

The Bonita Martial Arts Academy & Fitness Federation is a great place to learn to defend yourself and build confidence. 

Bonita Real Estate 

With a population of 12, 706, Bonita is considered to be a small city. This creates the feel of a close community with friendly, diverse neighborhoods for any type of potential residents. 

If you plan to visit for only a few days Bonita California hotels are conveniently located, usually are well priced per night, and at least 4/5 stars.

There are 3 main neighborhoods to choose from when deciding to visit or move to Bonita. Each are easily traversable so no matter where you choose, all the unique amenities of each will be simply accessible either by car, transit, bike, or walking.

Lynwood Hills 

Lynwood Hills is the downtown of Bonita as it is the busiest neighborhood, located in the western part of town. Lynwood is where you can find several restaurants and cafes, most notably Korean Kitchen Tofu & Galbi, Sushi House, El Ranchero - which specializes in tacos, Yum Yum Donuts, BF Bakery & Café, and don't forget McDonald's and the usual fast-food spots. 

There is also a well-stocked grocery store called 99 Ranch Market, which prides itself on its selection of seafood. 

Besides food options, there are convenient drug stores, the popular music studio TR Music & Vocal Lessons, and many places to buy vaping and tobacco products. 

Long Canyon 

Long Canyon is another fine neighborhood in Bonita, located in the eastern part of town. This is where you can find the vast 11 acres of Long Canyon Park. Many locals spend their days here, it's a great family area with a playground, soccer field, picnic areas, and restrooms. 

At Long Canyon Park there's a good chance you'll be able to participate in Air Jumps or pony rides as there are organizations that privately set these events up for the good of the community.

The park is a great place to jog or exercise, meet new people, read a book, and enjoy the day.


Hold on your horses! There's one more key neighborhood in Bonita: Sunnyside, and it's especially unique because this is where you can find the stables and ranches, most notably Sunnyside Stables. 

Sunnyside is the smallest, quietest neighborhood in Bonita but all you need is still available. Visitors from Bonita, Chula Vista, and other San Diego areas be sure to visit Sunnyside to spend some time with majestic horses. 

Bonita Estates and Homes

Purchasing a home is a major step in you are your family's life and you don't want to end up regretting your decision, it is important to be well informed with home buying facts as well as location. 

Whether you're looking for high-end luxury homes, family residences, entry-level apartments, or even equestrian ranches, there is a place for you in Bonita California. 

From the previous section of this article you've learned about the main Bonita California sites and the key neighborhoods to find them: Lynwood Hills, Long Canyon, and Sunnyside. You may have an idea of which seems right for you, but now you need to focus on where you can find the best properties, homes, and estates. 

Bonita Californita Estates

In Bonita, the estates at the edges of the city are the more expensive places and where you'll find wealthy families; these estates are found in either the Lynwood area or Long Canyon but they are not directly in those neighborhoods. The further you are from the city area the more a property costs because there is peace and privacy. 

These homes can have square feet of approximately 3000 to 5000 and can range from the lower $1 million range to $2.5 million.

Homes in the central part of Bonita are where you'll find typical family residential homes. These homes are near Rohr Park and tend to range from the lower 1000 to 1500 square feet, a bit smaller than homes at the edges but from $400,000 to $650,000 and with the park and golf course walking distance, these are good homes if you want nice quiet views but still be near the city. 

San Diego is a large city with many options to move to, but not all offer the great home prices as Bonita with the same locational value. It's wise to compare the numbers in this article with the rest of San Diego. 

Bonita California Appartments 

Besides estates and houses, you'll be able to find a home in one of the several apartment complexes in Bonita. These complexes can be found in any area of the city and you can't go wrong with wherever you choose. They are great spaces for small families or single people and can host get-togethers with friends. Usually, these apartments have pools, barbecues, and outdoor lounge sections. 

The majority of complexes are found in the northeastern area of Bonita, an area that isn't in either of the three main neighborhoods but has convenient transport options, and still, everything you need is in the zone. 

Similar to the houses and estates, the apartment complexes near the edges or center of the city are where you'll find more luxury. Wealthier, single people tend to choose these so they can be close to the nightlife and more popular shops.

You can choose to pay per month, and depending on location can range from $2,000 to $3,500 for various amounts of square feet.

Bonita California Ranches 

Ranch Style homes are known for their long, single-story structure, and open floor plans. What makes these types of homes more special in Bonita is that you can look to purchase one near Sunnyside, the neighborhood recognized for being home to stables and fans of equestrian training meaning you can get the full experience of living in a ranch-style home near actual ranches. These homes can range from $450 000 to $900 000. 

Before moving to Bonita, if you already own a home, you'll need information about selling, the San Diego market, and tips to make sure you get the price you're looking for.

Notable Bonita California Residents 

By living in Bonita, you'll be following in the footsteps of quite a few well-known names. If you haven't heard of them, now is your chance to learn:

Macey a.k.a 'Corky' L. McMillin Jr., off-road desert racer, philanthropist, and land developer resided in Bonita up until he passed away.

Charisma Carpenter, known for her role in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'The Expendables' films attended Bonita Vista High School.

Sean Murray, who played Special Agent Timothy McGee in NCIS graduated from Bonita Vista Middle School.

Matt Cameron, the drummer for Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam attended Bonita Vista High School. 

Marcos Curiel, lead guitarist for P.O.D graduated from Bonita Vista High School.

Constantine Dillon, known for creating and writing 'The Killer Tomatoes' series graduated from Bonita Vista High School.

Shirley Grasser Horton, the 37th mayor of Chula Vista, California attended Bonita Vista High School.

Joel Zumaya, a retired MLB pitcher who played for the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins graduated from Bonita Vista High School.

Bonita California Fun Facts

Continuing with well-known people related to Bonita, the infamous Andrew Cunanan, who took the life of Gianni Versace, attended Bonita Vista Middle School.

From this article, you learned that Bonita, California is known for its Equestrian scene, but to be more specific, San Diego has 14 Equestrian or horse zones and Bonita is one of those zones.

Bonita is a Census Designated Place, meaning while it is recognized as a city, there is no municipal government. It is independent.

In fact, in 1970 and 1986 Chula Vista attempted to annex Bonita but the majority of residents voted to keep Bonita separate. 

in 1916, the Sweetwater Dam, which borders Bonita, broke. This caused major flooding in the town. Not to worry, it's been rebuilt and now stands 108 feet high. 

Now you know all there is about Bonita California, and you can make an informed decision when thinking about visiting or moving there permanently. For further information, other facts on homes, estates, or condos across the region, or guidance with moving to San Diego, we invite you to contact us or visit our blog, we're happy to help and provide you with more

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