2021 Real Estate SEO (How To Do SEO For Realtors)

Real Estate SEO

Is your 2021 omnichannel marketing goal page one google rankings?

I've got a beginners guide to real estate SEO and a strategy to market luxury homes when you are going to have the listing for 6-12+ months.  SEO for your real estate website will reward you with real estate leads for the rest of your career. 

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I had a new listing: a one hundred year old house with historical designation and Mills Act tax savings in San Diego. 

Challenge: How can I create a content silo for more visibility on this listing, San Diego historic homes, and show my seller a USP?

Below is my six month experiment to rank on page one of google in position 5. (now Nov 2019 I'm in position 2)

These real estate SEO hacks can be used for keyword ranking for any lifestyle search.

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How To Do SEO For Real Estate Website

Below are 8 steps to begin SEO for real estate websites.  Keep in mind results will vary based on Domain Authority.  Click here to read more on domain authority in 2021 and what it really means.

Real Estate SEO Keywords

1. Keyword Research

The first step with an SEO project is to begin with keyword research.  I use Semrush which is $99 a month, but if you are on a budget there are many free options, (just not as precise)  Google has two spots with suggested searches.

Here are the suggestions that auto populate as you begin to type in your keyword:

SEO For Real estate agents

These are at the bottom of the page with related searches:

SEO For Real estate agents

This gives you and idea of all related searches your ideal consumer may be querying.

2. Intent Keywords

From this exercise, I’ve discovered two money making keywords as a goal to rank on page one of google.  They would be San Diego historic homes for sale and Mills Act homes for sale San Diego.  These keywords are considered intent keywords.  Intent searches are intended for prospects looking to buy what you sell.

3. Wall of Authority

In order for this to be successful, we need to build a wall of authority for San Diego historic homes for sale and Mills Act homes for sale San Diego. 

Content pages explaining Mills Act historic tax savings, historical designation guidelines, the design review committee for the city/county/HOA, or historic home tour info based on our keyword research would be ideal.

4. Supportive Keywords

Our next step is to find all supporting topics relating to historic homes that would be applicable to residential real estate.  Go back to step one and isolate the keywords you want to include in your post.

I had a page: Mills Act Historic Homes – San Diego CA that was around two years old on the Resource navigation menu for helping buyers understand the intricacies involved with a historically designated property.

I had two blog posts that supported my money making keywords: 7 Things You Need To Know About Historic Homes (San Diego) and the San Diego Quieter Home Program.

In the 7 Things You Need to Know Article, I made efforts to build content around all keywords related to the search query San Diego historic homes.

Plan out a group/set of keywords and interlink to the pages that are related, but you must use a unique keyword for each page/post. You don’t want multiple pages on your website competing with each other known as content cannibalization.

5. Money Making Page

I created the money making page title San Diego Historic Homes For Sale.  You want to make sure that you have IDX reflecting homes for sale with CTA (call to action) for more information or to request a showing.

Six months later, it’s now the third listing on page one of Google position 2-3.  In critiquing myself I should improve the very last small paragraph of unique content, because the content is “too thin”.

When a buyer searches for any type of historic homes in San Diego my client’s home for sale in Bankers Hill San Diego would have showed on the feed.  This is an extraordinary way to bring unique value to a luxury home seller.

Here is the screen shot where I’m in incognito mode – not signed into google, with a ISP location in Las Vegas, Nevada (outside of my market).

SEO For Real estate agents

6. SEO Page Title and Page Description

SEOMOFO is my favorite bookmarked free tool to layout both my page titles and my page description.

7. Look For Low Hanging Fruit

You can research your market and get a home run for low hanging fruit.  A home run is any placement on the first page of Google.  You are looking for a lack of competitors correctly choosing keywords.

I tried this experiment December 16th for San Diego 55+ real estate.  Technically this is all real estate under $1M and not really my focus.  Having said that I love traffic and if I can win on page one of google I’ll do it.  This strategy could work for homes with a pool, single story, equestrian, farm, lifestyle searches in the high end.

8. Graphics

You want to spend alot of time creating great graphics for your page/post and long pins for sharing on Pinterest when publishing a new article.  Click here to check out: Pinterest Real Estate tips.  Name your photos like this: san-diego-historic-homes-for-sale.jpg with a keyword rich file name and correctly describe your photo with a keyword rich alt tag.

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Real Estate SEO

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