How To Use An Influencer Event (Market Luxury Real Estate)

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Marketing with Instagram is an underutilized marketing strategy in real estate. Have you ever thought of using Instagram influencer event marketing as a way to promote a listing? Here are some reasons to consider it.

Having your brand, product, or service recognized on Instagram will require a lot of hard work. As of December 24, 2017, there are an estimated 25 million businesses on Instagram and 40 billion photos uploaded.

As you can see, the competition is super high. So what should a business do to try and capitalize on the high volume of users that businesses are competing for? One is to be very strategic in your marketing strategy.

Like most social media platforms, businesses can run ads to get their content before users. What makes marketing with Instagram unique is the use of influencer marketing.

Influencers are everyday people who have grown their channels on Instagram to hundreds of thousands, and even millions of followers. Having one promote your product or service can be marketing gold.

Continue reading to see if marketing through Instagram is right for your brand.

What is Influencer Event Marketing?

On the surface, Instagram influencers are people whose opinions are trusted. When it comes to social media, the more followers someone has and are seen as an expert in certain niches. It is also a sign that their followers trust what they are saying and doing.

In terms of influencer event marketing, a business hosts an event and gets as many people with a large social media following to attend. The goal is to get those individuals to post photos, video, and instagram stories. 

If the influencer handles the moment correctly, it will create a buzz. Getting people to engage with those posts is the key to market on Instagram.

This could be an under utilized opportunity for real estate agents hosting listing launch events or open house extravaganzas.

marketing real estate with Instagram Influencer marketing

People Really Do Trust Influencers

Businesses today are moving towards incorporating influencers into their event marketing plans. Many are understanding that word-of-mouth and social proof is how to market.

In today's digital-driven world of social media, people often leave their buying decisions in the hands of the influencers they follow. Many trust the opinions of people they know only through social media, over people they know personally.

Instagram influencers can do more via the images they display than most ads appearing on users timelines.

Marketing with Instagram Can Boost Your Brand's Ranking

Influencer event marketing is one of Instagram's resources that will give your brand a big boost in the rankings. Some people will automatically follow the companies mentioned by their favorite influencers.

As your followers grow so will your ranking. Be prepared to engage your new audience and have them see you as a trusted partner also. Influencers are protective of their brand and cannot be associated with people who are not serious about theirs.

Micro Influencers vs. Celebrities

Most businesses would think that hiring a local celebrity or one with a million followers to attend their marketing events is the way to go. This may not be the best use of your resources.

Micro influencers are Instagram brands with followers between 10K and 100K. They still make time to engage with their audience and are willing to strategize with clients to bring the best return on their investment.

The internet’s comparison to the popular kid in school, micro-influencers are liked, trusted, and looked up to by their local community.  Truly impactful micro-influencer ranges from 20k-250k followers.

Going with a celebrity could mean hiring someone for their name and not their expertise. Oftentimes celebrities have social media specialists running their social media pages. This means most engagement is geared towards the celebrity and not the company they are representing.

Learning how to market with Instagram has already been accomplished by the micro influencer, which is why their opinions matter.

Ads Can Be Blocked

Most social media platforms offer users the opportunity to stop seeing ads that they are not interested in. Now businesses need to come up with creative ways to get their information before their target audience.

The power in using influencers is they bring their following with them.

If you choose an influencer within your industry it is a double plus. Their audience will trust your product simply because it is being endorsed by someone they like.

No ad campaign run by a lesser known brand will be able to match the engagement numbers of an established influencer.

Live Video and Instagram Stories are Influencer Gold

People love video and are more likely to watch their favorite Instagram personality's live videos and Instagram stories.

Instagram stories have proven to be a huge success. They consist of images and short videos that run in succession in a pop-up window. The technique makes it less likely someone will scroll past the information.

With video, the Instagram influencer attending your event can go live giving their audience an up close and personal look into their world and yours. They can introduce you while delivering the message you want to get out.

The great thing about live video is that it can remain on the influencer's page continuing to gather views, likes and comments.  It's recommended to have a videographer on site the day of your event.

Influencers Have Tools Others Do Not

With Instagram, to include links in your post you will need to have a verified business page and a minimum of 10K followers. An established influencer will have access to Instagram resources a new business page does not.

You can utilize the influencer to not only market your product or service, but to also direct the audience to your website, landing page or wherever you need them to go so you can complete the sale.

Lead generation is the ultimate goal of all marketing plans. Having someone to help you meet your sales goals is the greatest measurement of the effectiveness of your strategy.

Learn about influencer marketing with Instagram and find out why you should use Instagram influencer marketing in your business written by Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | San Diego Realtor® Compass

Are You Ready to Try Influencer Event Marketing?

Now that you know the benefits of marketing with Instagram are ready to give influencer marketing a try at your next listing?

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