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Millennial Home Buyers

Buyers 36 and younger (also known as millennials) were the largest group of home buyers, at 34 percent, from July 2015 until June 2016, according to NAR.  Millennial home buyers are often entering home ownership for the first time, known as first time home buyers 

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Buying Real Estate With A VA Loan - Learn our 14 money saving insights for Veterans purchasing a home with a government VA loan, to minimize your borrower investment, save on your interest rate, and structure your purchase contract correctly.  San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #veterans #REDigitalMarketing


We have 14 money saving insights for Veterans purchasing a home with a government VA loan, to minimize your borrower investment, save on your interest rate, and structure your purchase contract correctly.  A record number of military veterans, active-duty military, and their eligible spouses are obtaining VA loans to purchase a primary residence, especially millennials. The numbers have increased by 300,000 in the last three years.  The VA loan has optimal advantages regarding down payment, more flexible credit and debt to income ratios, and a reusable entitlement. 

1. Connect With A VA Experienced Real Estate Team

An experienced VA real estate team includes a seasoned real estate agent and mortgage originator who are knowledgeable

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Learn about global luxury real estate disruptors - cryptocurrency, bitcoin, digital money, and blockchain by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuz #bitcoin #blockchain #cryptocurrency #REDigitalMarketing


Global Luxury Real Estate Disruptors - Digital Money and Blockchain Technology

Last Thursday we attended the Inman Luxury Connect event in Beverly Hills.  Oliver Tickner CEO at StreetWire presented "Keeping High-Net-Worth Clients Anonymous: The Rise of Cryptocurrency."  StreetWire is a a decentralized network built upon the blockchain to support the verification, analysis and protection of real estate related data for the smart contract.  The popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions are gaining in popularity and digital monetary transactions could evolve into the future of global luxury real estate.  For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and the blockchain here's some background.

Cryptocurrency and the

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We Have 5 Reasons To Buy Real Estate in San Diego by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing


Reasons To Buy Real Estate in San Diego

There are so many things to love about San Diego, from its beaches and people to the diverse cultures and cityscape. It’s a perfect place to relocate your family to, or buy a second residence for family gatherings. While there are countless reasons to purchase real estate in San Diego – a visit will have you convinced – here are the top five. 

Growing Real Estate Market

To start with, the leading reason to buy property in San Diego is because our real estate market is strong and there is no sign of a housing bubble. There are limited signs of a housing bubble and market forecasts for the area are favorable as the county continues to recover from the 2008 financial crisis.  Jobs and incomes in

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Mello Roos San Diego 7 Things You Need To Know About.  Learn about mello roos districts and understand mello roos taxes by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing


Mello-Roos District

A Mello-Roos District is an area in California where a special property tax on real estate (a parcel tax) is imposed. There are three different ways for a Mello-Roos District to be initiated: a written and signed request by two members of either the local government or school district, a signed petition by 10% of eligible voters in the area, or by a petition signed by 10% of landowners in the area of the proposed district.

Mello-Roos taxes are assessed to special tax districts, known as Mello-Roos Districts or Community Facilities Districts (CFD), for the purpose of financing infrastructure and/or facilities in a community including streets, lights, phone lines, police protection, fire protection, flood and

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Find out what to do in a multiple offer situation, discover benefits and drawbacks of escalation clause in real estate contract, and learn why an escalation clause may not be in your best interest by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #REDigitalMarketing


What To Do In A Multiple Offer Situation

Encountering a multiple offer situation in a limited inventory market has become increasingly common in a market with limited inventory. Many buyers want to know how to set their offer apart from the rest. One solution is an escalation clause or sharp bid, however not necessarily the best choice in negotiations. Read on below to find out what an escalation clause is, how it works, and why it may not be in your best interest.

What is an Escalation Clause?

An escalation clause is also known as a sharp bid.  The escalation clause is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a contingency in the Agreement of Sale that, if needed, allows you to escalate your offer. That way, if another offer comes in with a

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Condos San Diego

Learn 14 Things About Common Interest Developments, condos and townhomes by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #condos #townhomes #REDigitalMarketing


Millennials, first time home buyers, and retirees find condominium and townhome living an affordable option in San Diego for several reasons. Common interest developments require less maintenance for the owner and they are able to enjoy on site amenities such as a pool, spa, oceanfront decks, wine rooms, fitness centers, tennis courts, and concierge services.  There are a variety of new and newer construction condos and townhome options throughout San Diego.  We've compiled a general overview of HOA's (homeowners associations), CC&Rs, rules and regulations (bylaws), condo certification, inspections of a condo, and purchasing with financing.

Townhome vs Condo


Condominium (or condos) are separately

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Condo Home Inspections

Learn 12 Things About Condo Inspections.  Find out why common interest development due diligence is different for condos and townhomes by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #condos #townhomes #REDigitalMarketing


Due diligence on a San Diego condo that you are considering purchasing is not the same as a single family home inspection. You will need to inspect many of the same items punch list items, but the manner in which you go about it is very different.  Here are 12 additional things to know about inspecting a condo or townhome when it is part of a common interest development.

#1: Who You Hire Matters

Selecting the right home inspector takes moments but is an important step.  By default we direct our clients to Yelp where hundreds of buyers have provided detailed summaries of their experiences.  You want to make sure your inspector is insured carrying both (E&O) Errors and Omissions and general liability

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Moving To San Diego Guide


17 Of The Best Neighborhoods In San Diego (For Families) 

Culture and sophistication are hallmarks of New York City. Nightlife and glamour define Las Vegas. Beautiful beaches and agreeable weather are Miami's attraction. There are dozens of cities that hold undeniable allure, but if you really want it all, there is nowhere on earth like San Diego.

Celebrating the California lifestyle engaging all of the senses, San Diego's rich array of natural resources, posh properties, and vibrant economic sectors combine to create the ideal location for discriminating residents. Our curated collection of art enclaves, live music scene ranging from classic symphony to techno rave, glorious beaches, pristine wildlife preserves, professional sports

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San Diego FHA approved condos and townhomes

Which San Diego Condos and Townhomes are approved by HUD in 2017

Buyers come to us confidently pre-approved for an FHA loan, but we find their lender sometimes fail to explain what an FHA approved condo is.  An FHA loan pre-approval doesn't mean you can purchase any condo or townhome listed for sale. 


What is an FHA loan?

An FHA loan is a loan funded by a private investor that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration in the event of a default. Investors are more flexible with their underwriting guidelines due to the FHA MIP (mortgage insurance premium).  The nuances that make FHA loans attractive to first time home buyers are:

  • Credit score and lighter credit depth
  • Higher debt to income ratios
  • More flexibility
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