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These articles are written for local homeowners having thoughts of selling.

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small house ideas

Interior Design Ideas For A Small House: Decor Guide for a Tasteful Look

You may live in a tiny house, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it to look as luxurious as any celebrity’s mansion. You just need to explore as many options as possible until you discover which ones suit your home the best. In order to help you make the right choices and turn you average-looking house into a symbol of sophistication and good taste, we’ve prepared a special décor guide for tiny houses. Take a look and may the redecoration process begin!


1. Keep it decluttered

First things first, if your home is small, you aren’t allowed to be a hoarder. In other words, instead of keeping all those items that you haven’t used for more than a year,

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luxury rooms in house

Make A Room Look Luxurious

Not only are high end properties more valuable on the real estate market, but they are also infinitely elegant and stylish. However, a great number of individuals believe that they need a sizable budget to add a touch of glamour and luxury to their homes. Yet, all you need is little creativity and an eye for aesthetics and you’ll design a home that exudes sophistication and opulence.


How do you see luxury?

The first step is deciding what luxury means to you. Don’t be misled into thinking that luxury homes are those where all the furniture and accessories comes with a hefty price tag. You need to find your own sense of style and express it through your home décor while also implementing certain elements

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Top Beach House Decorating Ideas

Beach House Decor//Beach House Decor Coastal Style//Beach House Decorating//Beach House Decor DIY//Beach House Decor Living Room Discover 13 Beach House Decorating Ideas From Real Estate Pro Joy Bender Luxury San Diego Real Estate Agent Pacific Sotheby's Realtor® #REDigitalUnicorn #beachhouse #realtor #luxury #cottage #bungalow #decor #house

Is your beach house looking dated? Or maybe you're planning to buy one, and you'd like to remodel it? Whatever your beach house decorating needs are, let the pros help. Here are 13 beach house decorating ideas that are as fresh as a summer breeze.


A beach house can be a delight to own and live in.  They make great second homes and investment properties for the family to enjoy and rent out weekly during high season.

The only frustration you might have is the decorating. Maybe your beach house is looking dated, or perhaps you're planning to buy one and are looking to redecorate it.

Whatever the reason, creative beach house decorating ideas can be hard to think up. Luckily, our experience in San

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What are the best shades of paint for a good night's sleep?  Bedroom Colors//Bedroom Paint// curated by Joy Bender San Diego Luxury Real Estate Agent | Pacific Sotheby's Realtor® La Jolla #REDigitalUnicorn #bedroomgoals #bedroomideas #bedroomdesign

What are the best shades of paint for a good night's sleep?...and other simple sleep tips


Did you know that your bedroom paint color can impact how well you sleep? When new homeowners move into a new house, one of the first projects they tackle is to paint the walls. So, naturally my clients ask about the best paint colors for the bedroom, and many wonder which colors will help them sleep better.  

Which bedroom paint color is best for sleeping?

According to many sleep studies, blue is the best color for a good night's rest. Blue is associated with calmness and helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate. That's one of the reasons so many people love blue and use that color in places that where people would like to relax.  

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Best Real Estate Blogs 2018 - Discover real estate blog posts, ideas, and topics. Find the best real estate blog posts for house content articles, names, social media, and medium.  Search top real estate blog posts 2018 by Joy Bender | Luxury Real Estate San Diego | La Jolla Realtor®. #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuz #digitalmarketing #REDigitalUnicorn

Best Real Estate Blogs 2018


In order to analyze residential real estate trends, promote cross-country referrals and network on behalf of our seller clients, we collaborate with real estate agents across the U.S. Reaching across our extensive network of agents, we’ve curated the best real estate articles for homebuyers and sellers that have been published in the first quarter of 2018.

1. How to Get a Mortgage — Luke Skar Inlanta Mortgage 

A straightforward topic, right? Well, not really. From pre-approval to closing the loan, you’d be surprised by how many hiccups and roadblocks homebuyers can face along the way.

Luke Skar’s guide to mortgages holds your hand through the process. The first step? Speak to a mortgage lender and

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home improvement and remodeling trends

Home Improvement and Remodeling Trends For 2019 and Beyond


When it comes to remodeling and decorating your home, it's always helpful to see what's popular and trending. If you haven't updated your home for a while, you're in for a treat. Technologies have improved so that there are more durable and great looking options for more affordable prices, and many innovations have allowed more smart technology breakthroughs with more convenience. This trend report is based on what I see in the majority of higher end and luxury homes, as well as what's trending on Pinterest and Houzz. Some of these trends aren't new...they have been growing in popularity for the last 5 to 10 years, and others are on the brink of rapid adaption. You will also see

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16 things To Know About The Quieter Home Program For San Diego Homeowners.  Learn about the requirements, procedures, and process for the Quieter Home Program in San Diego.  San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing 

16 Things To Know About The Quieter Home Program For San Diego Homeowners


1. The federally funded Quieter Home Program, which provides free to the homeowner windows, doors, and at times HVAC and electrical upgrades through the San Diego Regional Airport Authority is back on again after being dormant for years.  The FAA said $8 million will be spent to mitigate noise for around 715 people who live around Lindbergh Field.

2. The Quieter Home Program was fully operational by 2001, with property insulation starting within the highest noise impacted areas.  Today, The Program is now one of the largest existing airport residential sound insulation programs in the country. As of 2017, the Program has completed 3,453 dwelling units.


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Learn about global luxury real estate disruptors - cryptocurrency, bitcoin, digital money, and blockchain by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuz #bitcoin #blockchain #cryptocurrency #REDigitalMarketing


Global Luxury Real Estate Disruptors - Digital Money and Blockchain Technology

Last Thursday we attended the Inman Luxury Connect event in Beverly Hills.  Oliver Tickner CEO at StreetWire presented "Keeping High-Net-Worth Clients Anonymous: The Rise of Cryptocurrency."  StreetWire is a a decentralized network built upon the blockchain to support the verification, analysis and protection of real estate related data for the smart contract.  The popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions are gaining in popularity and digital monetary transactions could evolve into the future of global luxury real estate.  For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and the blockchain here's some background.

Cryptocurrency and the

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55+ homeowners in San Diego learn about California Prop 60 and 90 get information on propositions 60 and 90 property tax relief for San Dieog homeowners who are 55 years of age or older by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing


Understanding Propositions 60 and 90

Propositions 60 and 90, passed in 1986 and 1988 respectively, are forms of property tax relief for California homeowners who are 55 years of age or older. The propositions allow homeowners to transfer their property tax base year value from their current home to their replacement home. The propositions are beneficial for 55+ homeowners because the property tax base for the original property is guaranteed to be much less than today’s property tax base based on the current fair market value.

What is Proposition 60 and 90?

Proposition 60 allows the homebuyer to transfer their property tax base year value within the same county (intra-county) while Proposition 90 allows the homebuyer to transfer

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Discover the 4 Things Buyers & Sellers Need To Know About Foundation Cracks Foundation Issues Aren't Always Easy To Detect: How A Structural Inspection Can Tell You What You Need To Know by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #REDigitalMarketing


Foundation Issues Aren't Always Easy To Detect: How A Structural Inspection Can Tell You What You Need To Know

Most buyers operate under the assumption that a cracked foundation is an automatic deal breaker. While there’s no doubt that receiving news of structural damage can be shocking, there are instances where its extent is not as catastrophic as it may initially sound. In some cases, it’s worth investing in a structural damage inspection and getting an engineer’s opinion rather than walking away from the home right away.

Many different components can play into foundation damage and learning the specifics of your situation is the only way to make a truly informed decision on whether or not to continue with a purchase. Before you let

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