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Condominiums are individual units in a that are compactly connected with other units and share common walls with units above and below.

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Real Estate Investing//Real Estate Investing For Beginners//Real Estate Investing Passive Income//Real Estate Investing For Sale//Real Estate Investing Rental Property Real Estate Investing Advice: How To Know if a Beachfront Condo is Worth It by Joy Bender Luxury Real Estate Agent San Diego | Luxury REALTOR® Pacific Sothebys La Jolla #realestatemarketing #luxuryrealestate #beachcondos #realestate #REDigitalUnicorn

Real Estate Investing Advice: Should You Buy a Beachfront Condo?

If your family loves going to the beach, you might think about purchasing a beachfront condo to do away with the hassles of looking for a vacation rental. One rule of real estate investing though is to not give in to impulse buys. Here's how you can know if a beachfront condo is a good investment.   

Have you ever thought about buying a place at the beach?

When the temps start rising and the days grow longer, it's easy to imagine why you would want to spend more time on the shore. And, a beachfront condo can be a great investment when you aren't using it yourself.

About this time each year, people begin putting up seaside properties.

In fact, during the spring

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Top Beach House Decorating Ideas

Beach House Decor//Beach House Decor Coastal Style//Beach House Decorating//Beach House Decor DIY//Beach House Decor Living Room Discover 13 Beach House Decorating Ideas From Real Estate Pro Joy Bender Luxury San Diego Real Estate Agent Pacific Sotheby's Realtor® #REDigitalUnicorn #beachhouse #realtor #luxury #cottage #bungalow #decor #house

Is your beach house looking dated? Or maybe you're planning to buy one, and you'd like to remodel it? Whatever your beach house decorating needs are, let the pros help. Here are 13 beach house decorating ideas that are as fresh as a summer breeze.


A beach house can be a delight to own and live in.  They make great second homes and investment properties for the family to enjoy and rent out weekly during high season.

The only frustration you might have is the decorating. Maybe your beach house is looking dated, or perhaps you're planning to buy one and are looking to redecorate it.

Whatever the reason, creative beach house decorating ideas can be hard to think up. Luckily, our experience in San

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13 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Rental Property

Buying A Vacation Home In San Diego

Savvy real estate investors know that buying vacation rentals isn't just about the price being right. If you want to know what you're getting into by buying a vacation rental property, read this and make the most out of your purchase.  

42% of vacation homebuyers purchase their property with the goal of using it as a family retreat or for vacations. These findings provide a strong indication of the growing popularity of vacation homes in the past few years.

Travelers are now more than willing to trade the usual resort or villa for the homely comfortable experience that's to be found in a vacation home. The shift in customer preferences has made buying a vacation rental

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Best Real Estate Blogs 2018 - Discover real estate blog posts, ideas, and topics. Find the best real estate blog posts for house content articles, names, social media, and medium.  Search top real estate blog posts 2018 by Joy Bender | Luxury Real Estate San Diego | La Jolla Realtor®. #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuz #digitalmarketing #REDigitalUnicorn

Best Real Estate Blogs 2018


In order to analyze residential real estate trends, promote cross-country referrals and network on behalf of our seller clients, we collaborate with real estate agents across the U.S. Reaching across our extensive network of agents, we’ve curated the best real estate articles for homebuyers and sellers that have been published in the first quarter of 2018.

1. How to Get a Mortgage — Luke Skar Inlanta Mortgage 

A straightforward topic, right? Well, not really. From pre-approval to closing the loan, you’d be surprised by how many hiccups and roadblocks homebuyers can face along the way.

Luke Skar’s guide to mortgages holds your hand through the process. The first step? Speak to a mortgage lender and

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Thinking about San Diego for retirement?  Learn about San Diego's 55 plus retirement communities.  We have properties sorted by 55+ and active adult retirement.  San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing


Active Adult (55 plus) real estate in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Esconidido, Fallbrook, Lake San Marcos, Oceanside, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, San Marcos, Valley Center, and Vista provide an exciting option for retirement and second homes. If you are of a certain age and enjoy an active lifestyle and are thinking of buying a home or vacation residence in America's Finest City, San Diego County is the destination for you. With a great selection of dining, shopping, fine art, cultural centers, tennis clubs, and golf courses - everyday is a vacation. San Diego 55+ communities are attractive because of our beach close location, picture perfect weather and active recreation areas.

55 Plus San Diego Real Estate Market Conditions & Statistics

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    Buying Real Estate With A VA Loan - Learn our 14 money saving insights for Veterans purchasing a home with a government VA loan, to minimize your borrower investment, save on your interest rate, and structure your purchase contract correctly.  San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #veterans #REDigitalMarketing


    We have 14 money saving insights for Veterans purchasing a home with a government VA loan, to minimize your borrower investment, save on your interest rate, and structure your purchase contract correctly.  A record number of military veterans, active-duty military, and their eligible spouses are obtaining VA loans to purchase a primary residence, especially millennials. The numbers have increased by 300,000 in the last three years.  The VA loan has optimal advantages regarding down payment, more flexible credit and debt to income ratios, and a reusable entitlement. 

    1. Connect With A VA Experienced Real Estate Team

    An experienced VA real estate team includes a seasoned real estate agent and mortgage originator who are knowledgeable

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    We Have 5 Reasons To Buy Real Estate in San Diego by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #sandiegoismyhome #sandiego #sandiegoconnection #sdlocals #REDigitalMarketing


    Reasons To Buy Real Estate in San Diego

    There are so many things to love about San Diego, from its beaches and people to the diverse cultures and cityscape. It’s a perfect place to relocate your family to, or buy a second residence for family gatherings. While there are countless reasons to purchase real estate in San Diego – a visit will have you convinced – here are the top five. 

    Growing Real Estate Market

    To start with, the leading reason to buy property in San Diego is because our real estate market is strong and there is no sign of a housing bubble. There are limited signs of a housing bubble and market forecasts for the area are favorable as the county continues to recover from the 2008 financial crisis.  Jobs and incomes in

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    Find out what to do in a multiple offer situation, discover benefits and drawbacks of escalation clause in real estate contract, and learn why an escalation clause may not be in your best interest by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #REDigitalMarketing


    What To Do In A Multiple Offer Situation

    Encountering a multiple offer situation in a limited inventory market has become increasingly common in a market with limited inventory. Many buyers want to know how to set their offer apart from the rest. One solution is an escalation clause or sharp bid, however not necessarily the best choice in negotiations. Read on below to find out what an escalation clause is, how it works, and why it may not be in your best interest.

    What is an Escalation Clause?

    An escalation clause is also known as a sharp bid.  The escalation clause is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a contingency in the Agreement of Sale that, if needed, allows you to escalate your offer. That way, if another offer comes in with a

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    Condos San Diego

    Learn 14 Things About Common Interest Developments, condos and townhomes by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #condos #townhomes #REDigitalMarketing


    Millennials, first time home buyers, and retirees find condominium and townhome living an affordable option in San Diego for several reasons. Common interest developments require less maintenance for the owner and they are able to enjoy on site amenities such as a pool, spa, oceanfront decks, wine rooms, fitness centers, tennis courts, and concierge services.  There are a variety of new and newer construction condos and townhome options throughout San Diego.  We've compiled a general overview of HOA's (homeowners associations), CC&Rs, rules and regulations (bylaws), condo certification, inspections of a condo, and purchasing with financing.

    Townhome vs Condo


    Condominium (or condos) are separately

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    Condo Home Inspections

    Learn 12 Things About Condo Inspections.  Find out why common interest development due diligence is different for condos and townhomes by San Diego Real Estate Agent Joy Bender | Luxury Realtor® #realtorlife #realtor, #realestatemarketing #realestatebuzz #realestate #condos #townhomes #REDigitalMarketing


    Due diligence on a San Diego condo that you are considering purchasing is not the same as a single family home inspection. You will need to inspect many of the same items punch list items, but the manner in which you go about it is very different.  Here are 12 additional things to know about inspecting a condo or townhome when it is part of a common interest development.

    #1: Who You Hire Matters

    Selecting the right home inspector takes moments but is an important step.  By default we direct our clients to Yelp where hundreds of buyers have provided detailed summaries of their experiences.  You want to make sure your inspector is insured carrying both (E&O) Errors and Omissions and general liability

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