San Diego has what it takes to be Amazon’s HQ2. Here’s why.

Qualcomm was founded here and continues to develop the technologies that make the mobile web, and mobile shopping, possible. They’ve already brought us 3G and 4G technology, and 5G is on the horizon.

GoFundMe, which just nestled into a new larger San Diego home, has raised over $3 billion since 2010.

San Diego is revving up to become a smart city, and will eventually have a network of IoT sensors that can help inhabitants experience a better quality of life. Included in this initiative are plans to decrease power and water usage and to cut emissions from these and transportation sources by 50%.

But it’s not just technology that should draw Amazon here. San Diego has talent.

This is the #1 most patent dense city in the United States, and it’s third in the world.

There are 80 universities in the region that are home to top ten engineering and computer science programs as well as top ten business schools. What’s more, the metro area gained 72k graduates in 2014 alone, more than any other metro area in the United States.

Social Media Marketing World is the largest gathering of marketing professionals in the United States and it takes place yearly in San Diego, drawing about 4000 people a year.

Real World Scholars is teaching kids entrepreneurial skills.

San Diego’s military bases are a great contributor of rotating and fresh talent in the area, from recently discharged members of the military to military spouses.

There’s also infrastructure here.  Proximity to Mexico as well as the Port of San Diego, a top 30 container port, makes San Diego a great choice in logistics.

The WeWork coworking space recently opened up to accommodate 1700 members, and that’s just a start.

San Diego has the technology, the talent, and the infrastructure to be Amazon’s next home.